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clani Svarun Music School has been teaching and guiding students for over 20 years. Our advantage is the ability to offer individually designed lessons for every student, whose music interest and capabilities differ from the standardized forms. In our experience, a few do conform to the national teaching standards, while the majority would profit indisputably from a more personalized approach.

We therefore offer three sets of courses:

  • classical, where we abide by national standards for teaching music and musical theory
  • individual , where we cooperate with the student to make a program most suited to his needs and wishes.
  • group, where we can offer two to four students group lessons, where they can help each other gain more knowledge and advance faster than an individual.

Our pedagogical approach is based on the desire to make people interested in art, for art is what gives nobility to the mind and soul, and it also enriches life. Teachers at Music School Svarun believe that no ear is untrainable, and no head too old to acquire new knowledge.

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